Are cheap clubs any good?

Posted by Peter on

Lots of beginner golfers are usually demotivated by high price of golf clubs, but they shouldn’t be, and with this post, i wanted to explain why. To play golf, most basic equipment you need is – set of clubs, bag, and couple of accessories like gloves that are quite cheap. Yes, shoes and traveling cases are useful, but they’re not essential. It’s often assumed that golf club sets cost thousands of dollars, and some of them are indeed that pricey, but not all of them. For example, Callaway Strata sells excellent beginner’s bundle for around two hundred dollars. These prices might seem unreal, but they make up for the lost profit by producing them in mass quantities, so production cost is lower. I can’t claim that they’re the best thing out there – either. But they’re decent, at least for those who are just getting started. At first, you don’t need fancy club set, and even if you have one, i doubt it will affect your scores. When you’re getting started, you need to learn technicalities, like improving your golf swing and mastering your stance. Once you do that, eventually, by trial and error, you’ll become good enough to move past these cheap clubs and get something high end, if you want. But if you plan to play golf very rarely on your weekends, these affordable clubs will be fine and they’ll last you for years to come.

If you’re not a beginner, and would like to have better clubs than what Strata sets have to offer, but are worried about spending too much, perhaps you should look at used golf clubs. On used golf clubs sections of eBay and craigslist, you can find rare deals sometimes. Gently used golf clubs that look and function just like new ones often times cost less than half the listing price.

Price isn’t the sole indicator of which golf clubs are the most useful. There are plenty of clubs that cost thousands, but due to bad designs or flaws in production, are not worth half that much. And there are others that cost very little, but in terms of usefulness, they’re almost as valuable as some of the clubs that cost ten times as much. You can’t really tell, and i always tell people to read reviews first. Both Amazon and online reviews by golf experts.

And last, but not least – don’t try to buy your way into better golf scores. It’s pointless waste of money. It’s better to focus on your golf skills and techniques before blowing thousands of dollars on golf clubs that you don’t even need. That’s exactly what manufacturers want you to do – that’s why they pay athletes millions of dollars to be seen using their clubs. But i’d recommend not giving in to temptation and taking things slow.