Should you encourage your kids to play golf?

Posted by Peter on

Nowadays, people are getting lazier and lazier, and access to instant gratification like Netflix is rising. That’s why i think that today, it’s vital to encourage your children to engage in outdoors activity, to get out and have fun. But telling them to have fun isn’t enough, you should also teach them to have fun. That’s why, last year, when my son was 8 and my daughter 6, i started to encourage them to play golf. I haven’t been too pushy – they always wanted to play golf anyway, because i often took them with me on the course and they’ve seen me play. I think leading your children by example is the best way to spark their interest in sports, but unfortunately, not enough people do it. This is true especially for girls. Fathers, for some reason, don’t take initiative to take their daughters with them to the golf course. I see much more boys than girls on the course, and i think that needs to change.

Overall, your goal as a parent is to make golf look fun and enjoyable, not a dull exercise that you have to get over with. There are lots of tools and gadgets you can use for that, for example, indoors putting mat. It’s fun and affordable way to spend time at home for yourself and you can invite your whole family to try. Plus, it’s the simplest game of golf – you basically have one golf club, a ball and a hole. In contrast to real game, which  requires numerous different types of clubs and has its own slang, everything’s pretty clear and simple. In my experience, kids like that, and they hate complicated games.

When encouraging your kids to play golf, most important thing, and i can’t stress this enough, is to get them good set of clubs. Quality clubs aren’t easy to find and you’re probably going to need some help from experts at GolfClubsGuru. They usually cost around one or two hundred dollars, which is affordable compared to adult’s clubs. There are also excellent used clubs on eBay and craigslist, you just have to look for it carefully.

Golf lessons are also a good way to help your children improve their golfing skills, but in my opinion, you shouldn’t overdo it. Lots of parents think that the way to approach golf lessons, or basically any lessons, is “the more the better”. That’s not even remotely true in my experience. I think it’s a good idea to have your children take golf lessons once or twice, but after that, you just have to get them the clubs and other golf gear they need, and encourage them to take action. In my experience, experience of playing golf is the best teacher of the game.